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Gaijin Goodales
Terry and Liz in Japan!
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Lets rewind and go back to March. I forgot to post a tour we went on through the base's travel agency. We hit up a museum, picked some strawberries, and sampled some sake. Yum.

Japanese strawberries are better than yours~Collapse )
MSI, Jimmy move

April was more or less a quiet month. Terry left for sea duty but I met new friends to explore our city with.

Honcho ho!Collapse )
IWTV: Avant Garde

I usually try to keep this blog... kinda clean, heh. But a certain topic should be left to the adults only (who can handle a few phallus pics). It's only a section though, the rest of the post is quite family friendly.

Anyway, I left this little adventure out of the April post as it deserved its own spot --our Kawasaki Fertility Festival trip. :D

NSFW NSFLCollapse )
TB: srsly?

Hmmm. This journal is severely lacking in updates and is almost a year behind. Whoops.

Let me remedy that since a LOT has happened this past year. Lets start with last April!

Yes, those flowers look like poodles --they were for Mother's Day!Collapse )
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