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Terry and Liz in Japan!
March: Sakura, JapanBases.com, etc 
13th-Aug-2010 11:49 pm
Kenshin Sakura

Our randomness of March!

First off we start with Saizeriya. Mainly because I want to go eat there now. It's kinda like an Italian restaurant but you can get other items, plus the bonus of being a cafe. And it's SUPER cheap. You can get Y100 wine. Check out the menu.

But the beer is still like Y500. I can never win.

Wings are like $3, escargot is $4. See why I want to go? NOM NOM NOM.

In March JapanBases.com celebrated its 1000 registered members and first meeting! JapanBases.Com is special to me because I collaborated with Adam Jones, the site's Admin, and created the logo.

But it's not special for just that reason. This site has helped me and everyone that knows it exists through their transition to and everyday life in Japan. It's hand down the best resource for Military and everyone involved with bases in Japan. The site answers questions from procedures to get your pets to Japan, things you should bring over in your move, to where the best bar is in town, lol.

If you're heading to Japan, are in Japan, or know someone who is PSCing to Japan, please utilize the site: JapanBases.Com!

Adam threw a great party where members got to meet each other for the first time. Too much food. Games to win JapanBases items. Magic shows. Local businesses and political members visited. Etc, etc!

And the logo was made into a cake. That's the first time one of my projects have been made into an edible item!

Adam finished the party with FAQs on how to use the site, and up and coming sections. Exciting!

And to finish the night of celebration a couple members went and did some karaoke. Me included... which is rare. >_>

Ah, the cool and unusual items you find in Japan. :D

I swear this might be illegal to buy together in the States --coffee and smokes.

McDonanld's was selling expensive burgers from different areas in the States. This one being the Texas burger... of course it was drowned in BBQ sauce.

And then it being Sakura season everything is either flavoured or decorated in cherry blossoms. Including the beer! :D

So yeah, Sakura season. On the height of the blossoms blooming we usually open the base to the public. The Japanese line up... to line up some more on the inside to buy BBQ, pizza, and more while the Americans mingle.

(I saw people eating nachos with chopsticks :P)

And the Sakura trees are...

bare. Yeah. We had a late start to spring and a couple freezes stunted the cherry blossom trees. The Japanese have the blooming patterns of these trees down to a science, but this year Mother Nature decided to throw a tantrum at the last minute.

Which is a huge disappointment since it's one of the most looked forward to events of the year.

So we decided to make the best of the freezing weather and get DRUNK drinks and food to warm up.

Yeah, hot dogs... snore. (It had the smallest line, okay!?)

Wait, I think I see some pink blossoms!

"Can we go home yet?"

No, we can't go home. But! We can see what they're offering off base!

That's right, since the lines are sooooooo long to get on base the Japanese food stalls usually set up shop to serve the hungry. Seriously, the line to base can take a couple hours.

And they're all REALLY, REALLY good! Usually items go for Y500 or less. Churros, okonomiyaki, yakitori, yakisoba, takoyaki, corn, potatoes slathered in butter, etc etc. OISHIIIIIIIII!

This is seriously one of the things I will miss most about Japan --Matsuri/festival food!

Terry got a churro. Lamo.

OMG, is that Sakura behind him!????

For some reason Commodore Perry was walking around --the guy who compelled Japan to open up it's country to the outside world again. Why they would have a Perry mascot by a ship that the Americans bombed... I don't even know.

***he was not that cute in real life.

Later that day to make up for the Sakura festival we visited an Izakaya. Sashimi and drinks make all well with the World again.

They're just pretending. Don't worry.

And of course more drinks and karaoke made us totally forget about what happened earlier in the day! :D

Ichigo picking and a sake brewery next time! :3
13th-Aug-2010 03:59 pm (UTC)
Mona posted a cute picture from the night that last photo is from:

Even if we've got some serious red-eye going on!
13th-Aug-2010 04:09 pm (UTC)
Yeah, this is hanging up inside Hot Shots somewhere. We need to visit... on a less busy night again.
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