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Gaijin Goodales
Terry and Liz in Japan!
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12th-Aug-2010 11:45 pm - March: Fuji-san! Kinda.

In March we went on a Mt. Fuji tour that took us to five stops and promised picturesque views.


I want a refund~!Collapse )
9th-Aug-2010 10:39 pm - February: Just totally random
IWTV: Louis revenge

In early March the Japanese celebrate Hina Matsuri, or Girl's Day. Dolls are set out and dressed in Heian period clothes, or more specifically, it's the court of the Emperor and Empress set on different platforms. So throughout February we get to see all these beautiful dolls on display and for sale everywhere. I want a set!

It's said that if the families leave the dolls up after March 3rd their daughter will get married much later in life. OH NOES!

Now enough about Dolls!Collapse )
3rd-Jun-2010 02:14 am - January: Bummin' around in winter
TB: coolstorybro

Our month of January after the New Year was pretty laid back, but fun as we got out a couple times.

Brrrr, January was c-c-cold~Collapse )
QotD: Forsaken

Terry returned from his cruise right before Thanksgiving. In this post we have him back and us celebrating the Holidays.

Holiday, American Sailor in Japan, Style~Collapse )

P.S. Yes, I'm going to update this regularly again... I've got lots to post... My Bad.
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